Tesla firmware 2019.16 review video

tesla firmware 2019.16 review video

tesla firmware 2019.16 review video

 · Just wanted to talk real quick about the latest firmware update 2019.16.2 73d3f3c that popped up a few hours ago in my Model 3. Nice batch of updates and I’m...

 · This video will show you all the new features that are included in the new 2019.16.2 software update. There are some pretty cool new options that your going to want to check out.

 · 2019.16.3.2. Lane departure kicked in when making a right turn without my blinker. Had to fight it and it let me win.

 · I know the Model 3 has had 2019.16 for a little while but now 2019.16.1.1 has popped up on TeslaFi on a Model S - anyone here??

 · Others want to review the video if some event has caused Sentry to record. If someone is truly damaging your car and or breaks in, Sentry should go to alarm mode and that sends a push notification to your phone in real time, so you would know as it is happening.

 · My "release notes" for 2019.16.3 doesn't even mention HomeLink. What irritates me about this new version is that Tesla changed the way Sentry works and didn't bother to include any instructions. So I turn it off via the icon, and now there's no "save" indication, just an "on" or "off" icon.

Time New Version Previous Version Model Region Country AP Detail; 11:34 AM: 2020.44.15: 2020.44.10.1: 3 Long Range: Ontario: Norway: 3

Screenshot, pictures and reviews on the latest firmware updates for the Tesla Model S and Model X.

In the new 2019.16.x driving visualizations, Tesla has re-designed the owner’s car with more attention to detail, the following video by Daniel Spalding shows the latest driving visualizations in a Tesla Model 3 which look cooler than before, just for comparison we have added another video down below that shows a Model 3 navigating on Autopilot in LA traffic with an older software version ...

 · I got the 2019.12.1.2 firmware update on my Tesla Model 3. This update fixed bugs in 2019.8.5 and included many excellent new features. In this video, I walk...

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